New Buffalo: Public Beach & Lakefront Park

More than a Beach...

New Buffalo's Lakefront Park and Beach are located on the North end of Whittaker Street, just across the Galien River Bridge.

Lifeguards are on duty Memorial Day through Labor Day from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Additionally, there are 'Warning' flags to indicate lake conditions.

Helpful information for a day at the beach:

Swim Safe - Beware of Rip Currents

The National Weather Service Meteorologists now make warnings available for New Buffalo area beaches based on heights of waves and how they hit the shoreline. These warnings are an extension of those that have been in place on the country's east and west coasts for several years.

Although the New Buffalo Public Beach is staffed by life guards during peak swim times, all swimmers should be aware of how to react if caught in a rip current. If the caught in one of these currents (you will know it if it happens) you must react properly. Do not fight the current swim parallel to the beach until out of the current, then swimming back to shore.

Those most vulnerable to rip currents are swimmers who like to body surf in high waves on Lake Michigan.

Check for Rip Current Warnings for New Buffalo area beaches.

In addition to swimming, there are dunes, wooden walkways and kayak/paddleboard rentals/instruction. The Lakefront complex is often used as a scenic backdrop for professional photographers and a location for weddings and reunions.

Kayak & Paddleboard Rentals(lessons available)

Paddle the river and the BIG Lake (on calm days) for an unguided tour the Nature Preserve that is the Galien River basin. Third Coast Surf Shop operates the Beach Kayak & Paddleboard Rentals as a City-approved concession. The rental stand behind the swing sets.

Beach Parking

The City Beach parking lot now has a flat fee of $12 for each day of the week. This fee is an entrance fee it is not good for all day. If you leave the parking lot and and re-enter you will be assessed the fee again.

There is no attendant at the parking lot an kiosk accepts cash ($1, $5, and $10) no change is given. Credit cards accepted.

The parking fees are in effect 7 days/week Memorial Day through Labor Day and then weekends only through the end of September.

Collection hours are between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM. Visitors using the parking lot before or after these collection hours do not have to pay to enter the City Beach.

A few seasonal passes are available to non-residents contact the Parks & Recreation Department at (269) 469-3574 for availability.

Beach & Park amenities include:
Beach Restrictions Beach Weddings

Thinking about getting married on New Buffalo's Public Beach? See our New Buffalo Beach Weddings page or click here.

Lions Pavilion Park

This pavilion is the home of the New Buffalo Lions Club. It is located just across the street from the Beach and is considered part of the Beach Park complex. There is a pavilion, several picnic tables, grills, playground and benches. The pavilion is often used as an entertainment venue (see our events calendar).

How to get there...

If traveling on I-94 use exit #1 or Exit # 4. Traffic flows into New Buffalo from US-12 or M-239. From the town's center the intersection of US-12 and Whittaker St. go west, down Whittaker St, across the bridge (the Public Marina will be on the left, the Stray Dog on the right) proceed to where Whittaker St. ends. Turn left for the Beach Park. Turn right if you are towing a boat( public boat launch).

For additional information on the Beach Park, please call New Buffalo City Hall
at (269) 469-1522. For an interactive Map of New Buffalo, click here.