Michigan Department of Health & Human Services updated COVID-19 guidance on Sunday, November 15, 2020 with an effective date of November 18, 2020. The duration of these newly issued directives is for a period of three weeks. Plan you trip to New Buffalo and Harbor Country accordingly.

  1. High school classes must now be conducted remotely.
  2. College classes must now be conducted remotely.
  3. Work must be done remotely, unless the job absolutely has to be done in person.
  4. Indoor dining is no longer allowed at bars and restaurants.
  5. Organized sports are no longer permitted, with the exception of professional sports and a select number of NCAA sports.
  6. Group fitness classes are no longer allowed.
  7. Theaters and movie theaters must close.
  8. Stadiums and arenas must close.
  9. Bowling alleys will be closed.
  10. Ice skating rinks will be closed.
  11. Indoor water parks will be closed.
  12. Bingo halls will be closed.
  13. Casinos will be closed (these are Detroit area non-Indian run Casinos). Four Winds Casino Resort remains open with safety protocols in place
  14. Arcades will be closed.

Here are 17 segments of the state that will still be allowed:

  1. Indoor gatherings between two households and with no more than 10 people.
  2. Small outdoor gatherings of up to 25 people.
  3. Retail.
  4. Preschool through eighth grade (local district choice).
  5. Childcare.
  6. Manufacturing, construction and other work that is impossible to do remotely.
  7. Public transit.
  8. Hair salons and other personal services.
  9. Barber shops.
  10. Gyms.
  11. Pools (for individual exercise only).
  12. Restaurants (for outdoor dining, takeout and delivery only).
  13. Bars (for outdoor dining, takeout and delivery only).
  14. Professional sports (without spectators).
  15. Parks and outdoor recreation
  16. Funerals (up to 25 people).
  17. Health care