Michigan Charter Co.
(Lake Michigan & Galien River)

Updates provided by Captain Greg @ Michigan Charter Co. (616) 446-1966

Tuesday | April 24, 2018:

Spring has finally arrived and fish are on the move. As typical in late April, coho salmon begin to transition out of the nearshore and move offshore. Fishing has been decent, but scattered. Best tactic is to circle on fish when you get a few bites in succession. Most consistent depths for coho this past week were 25-45 feet of water, with a few Chinook salmon mixed in.

Program is still primarily surface baits such as Brads Thin Fins. Chinook bites have come on surface lines with rapalas, thin fins, and spoons. No real pattern for color or baits for either, very random.

Look for the water to move quickly now that surface temps are warming up, fish can and will move miles within a day, so keep covering water until you find some consistent action.