Historical Marker – New Buffalo Welcome Center

The nation’s first Highway Travel Information Center opened on May 4, 1935, on US-12 at New Buffalo. Other states followed Michigan’s lead, and by 1985 there were 251 travel information centers across the nation. The New Buffalo Center was built by the Michigan State Highway Department, now the Michigan Department of Transportation, to welcome motorists entering the state via US-12. It was relocated at this site with its more modern building, on April 6, 1972, after the I-94 Freeway was completed. Michigan’s state-wide travel information program, which began in 1935, includes staffed welcome centers and interpretive, promotional, and informational displays at rest areas and roadside parks across the state.

Additionally, a marker at the Michigan Welcome Center designates Iron Brigade Memorial Highway in honor of the storied Civil War unit.

Veterans Historical Exhibit: Hundreds of Histories, One Shared Community
New Buffalo Area Military Veterans (1861 – Present)
Veterans exhibit at the New Buffalo Railroad Museum

The New Buffalo Railroad Museum hosts a tribute to the men and women who have served in the uniformed services and are connected to New Buffalo, Michigan – living, working, or attending New Buffalo Area Schools. In addition to extensive and detailed listings of New Buffalo area veterans, there are military artifacts, personal stories, and uniform items on display.

“New Buffalo: Founded by Chance – Built on a Dream”
New Buffalo History exhibit at the New Buffalo Railroad Museum

Take a journey through time, and see how the landscape and life in the community have changed over the past 189 years. The exhibit is housed in the C&O railcar at the New Buffalo Railroad Museum.

“New Buffalo High School, established in 1875” is dedicated to student life at New Buffalo High School.
New Buffalo High School exhibit at the New Buffalo Railroad Museum

This unique exhibit highlights athletics, academics, music, and drama, as well as alumni who have made their mark on the national stage. School memorabilia and artifacts dating back to 1905 are displayed. There are Band, athletic, and cheerleader uniforms and a varsity Letterman sweater on display as well as trophies, plaques, newspaper pages, and photos. This is another exhibit at the New Buffalo Railroad Museum.

New Buffalo Railroad Museum was established in 1989 to illustrate the history of the greater New Buffalo area, particularly to highlight the railroad’s role in its development.

Housed in a newly built replica of the original Pere Marquette Railroad Depot, The New Buffalo Railroad Museum plays host to a number of artifacts and documents and has been lovingly laid out to reflect the way a train station might have looked in its heyday. Enjoy browsing through the many photographs, books, and documents of New Buffalo’s past.

In addition to a working miniature train display depicting the Pere Marquette Railroad Yards as they might have appeared in the 1920s, the Museum also has a C&O (Chessie) Boxcar, Pullman WWII troop transport car, and a C&O Caboose.

rear entrance to the New Buffalo Railroad Museum show handicap ramp

The museum is located just one mile north of I-94 Exit 1.

Admission is free and the museum is open to the public Saturdays and Sundays from 12:00 to 5:00 pm (Eastern) the first weekend of April through the last weekend of October.