(Lake Michigan & Galien River)

April 8, 2019Michigan Charter Co.

Great weather this past weekend and the fishing was not quite as good! There were a few pockets of coho to be found, but if you did not stay on them you did not do well. Lot’s of boat traffic out there also did not seem to help.

Most of the coho congregated from straight out of the harbor and towards the state line in anywhere from 15-35 feet of water. Standard spring coho offerings with Brads Thin Fins and small 00 Dodger/fly setups caught most fish. There were reports of a handful of kings being taken on the same setups.

Plenty of lake trout to be taken further north and in deeper water with easy limits of 8-12lb fish.

The water is now warming (and moving fast) as is typical for mid April. Fish will be here today and gone tomorrow, so either stay on a school of fish or plan on covering ground. It would be no surprise at all to find the mother load of coho well offshore at this point, but the decent nearshore action along with a few kings is keeping it interesting!

This Fishing Report update provided by Captain Greg @ Michigan Charter Co. · (616) 446-1966